Breakfast Bar

The good old Full English, bacon sarnies, sausage sarnies or toast? Any combination to start your day.


Breakfast Bar


2 Toast, Jam & Butter £1.60    
Sausage Bap £2.40    
Sausage & Egg Bap £2.70    
Bacon Bap £2.40    
Bacon and Egg Bap £2.70    
Sausage, Bacon & Egg Bap £3.00    
Double Egg Bap £2.40    
Beans on Toast £2.20    
All Day Breakfast £4.75    
      (includes Tea or Coffee, 2 sausages, 2 Bacon, Egg, 1/2 Tomato, beans and Toast)      
Vegi Breakfast £3.85    
      (includes Tea or Coffee)      

Food Allergies and Intolerance.

Before you order your food and drinks, please speak to a member of our staff if you have a food allergen or food intolerance.

Ordering for Friends or Family?

Before ordering for others, please ask them whether they have a food allergen or food intolerance and let us know.